Viking Twin Otter Series 400 flight simulator receives regulatory qualification

Viking Air Limited of Sidney, BC says a Level "D" Full Flight Simulator for its Series 400 Twin Otter has received Transport Canada qualification to provide training for seaplane operators worldwide. 

The simulator is an exact representation of the Twin Otter Series 400 manufactured by Viking Air.  Viking has been working with Pacific Sky Aviation in bringing the simulator to this important stage.

CEO of Pacific Sky Aviation, Michael Coughlin says the qualification of the simulator allows the company to further enhance training for Twin Otter seaplane pilots from all over the world.  Pacific Sky Aviation operates out of Victoria and Calgary International Airports.

He says the flight simulator will bring a number of opportunities and benefits to both regions.

"We're going to be welcoming customers into Calgary to train on the simulator device and we have a team here in Victoria that also supports the simulator, so its good for jobs in both Victoria and Calgary."

Twin Otter seaplane pilots will have the opportunity to safely practice takeoffs and landings in a range of sea states, winds and water conditions.    

The seaplane simulator configuration will be ready for training my mid-February.

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