Visitor to Victoria relieved to have his stolen motorcycle back

A visitor to Victoria is glad to have his motorbike back after the custom-bike was scooped from a downtown hotel where he was staying.

Victoria Police say officers were called to the hotel on Courtney Street last Thursday after a guest discovered his one-of-a-kind ride had been stolen. Police say the man had spent a considerable amount time restoring the "cafe racer" type bike.  

The man had come to the Island for a motorcycle trip on the bike.  

Surveillance footage from the hotel showed a man in a van stop and load the motorcycle into the van and take off.

Patrol officers were able to track down a suspect who had taken the bike, which was located outside a shop on Friday.  The owner of the bike says the motorcycle was already in the process of being stripped down.  

He was so happy with the outcome he insisted on posing with the officers for a photo with the recovered bike.

Police continue to investigate the theft.

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