Volunteers needed for Garry oak conservation project  

As some of us decide what plants to put in the soil for spring -- others will be pulling plants out of the ground.

A month-long restoration project is underway of a rare and critically endangered ecosystem.

BC's Garry oak ecosystem is home to rare species and important pollinators - but it's also under continued threat. 

Less than five per cent of the original eco-system remains. What remains is under serious threat from invasive species.

This month, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is working with Victoria groups on a month-long conservation marathon to restore the Garry oak ecosystem. 

Lesley Neilson - the BC Communications and Engagement Manager - says conditions are perfect right now to remove certain plants..*

"Species like Scotch Broom or English Ivy or Laurel. They're invasive because they grow aggressively, and choke out the native plants and wildflowers. February is a wet month; it's a lot easier to pull the weeds out when the ground is wet.'

If you would like to take part, click here: natureconservancy.ca

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