Wayward Saanich serpent remains elusive

Saanich Police are stepping back on the search for an exotic snake that may have been released intentionally into a local neighbourhood.

The search began after a resident of the 3200-block of Linwood Avenue reported seeing a large, pale yellow snake around his home since Christmas.

Saanich animal control set up a motion activated trail cam in the hopes of learning what they were dealing with -- but Saanich Police Sgt. Julie Fast says the serpent remains elusive:

" So we have had the trail cameras up for quite a few days. Over the course of the time it's been up we have captured probably 400 plus images. So it's motion-activated, so anytime there is motion it captures a picture. Our pound has reviewed all the pictures and we have not captured an image of the snake."

Fast says until it is spotted, or there is evidence of its existence -- police will be focusing on other things.

If it turns up, police will re-open the case.

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