Weather conditions may affect home health care services

Worsening weather and road conditions may prevent Beacon Community Services Home Support workers from reaching some clients, and may create unavoidable delays in serving others.

Beacon Community Services encourages the public to check on ill or elderly community members during this snow event. The not-for-profit agency strongly encourages all clients to review their “back up” care plans and to utilize their “back up” plan contacts if necessary.

The not-for-profit agency usually delivers home health care support to approximately 2600 people a day on behalf of Island Health. Where service must be cancelled, effort will be made to inform affected clients by phone if possible. However, delays or unexpected cancellations without notice may be unavoidable, depending on the nature and location of weather-related issues.

A high volume of inquiries can also affect communications and scheduling systems. If at all possible, clients are therefore asked to avoid calling with weather-related service inquiries during, and in the immediate aftermath, of any weather event.

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