Weekend seminar helps families deal with drug addicted loved ones

When it comes to addiction, especially the opioid epidemic, those often forgotten are the ones caught in the middle of the crisis-- a husband, wife, father or mother, a sister or brother.

Families say their hands are tied because they haven't the resources to help their loved ones who are in the depth of addiction.

On Sunday, a family support seminar is being held in Colwood, called "Healing From Addiction: Education & Support For Families."

One of the organizers is Robert DeClark, general manager, Homewood Ravensview treatment facility in North Saanich.   He says in most cases it is the family that has the most impact.

"The family often has a better idea of what's happening and a better idea of the impact.  The family often reaches out and asks for help and speaks to a counsellor, or talks to a treatment centre, so having family members informed on the services that are out there is very important."

The seminar, "Healing From Addiction: Education & Support For Families," is free of charge  and will be held at the Juan de Fuca Senior Citizen's Association, 1767 the Island Hwy --10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



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