West Shore RCMP issue ticket to "stunt driving" new driver

West Shore RCMP have impounded a vehicle after the driver of a 1991 Pontiac Firebird was observed driving at a high rate of speed in View Royal.

The RCMP K-9 Unit was near 6 mile Pub on the Island Hwy when the officer witnessed vehicles drag racing each other and weaving through traffic at a high rate of speed.

At a stop light the officer watched as the light turned green, and the driver began spinning the vehicle's wheels, and drifting to the right.

After vehicle was pulled over the driver was found to have a class 7 licence -- issued under the Graduated License Program to new drivers.

He was issued several violation tickets, including one for ‘driving without consideration’.

Cst. Nancy Saggar says due to the dangferous stunt driving behaviour, which took place in a heavily populated area creating a risk to the public, the car was also impounded for 7 days.

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