West Shore RCMP seize brass knuckles and a knife from a teenager

West Shore RCMP seized some brass knuckles after being called to a report of 2 teenagers fighting.

The altercation was taking place in the parking lot of Tim Horton’s in the 29-hundred block of Jacklin Road in Langford.

Officers identified and arrested one of the teens for assault. Upon searching the 17 year old they discovered brass knuckles in his pocket, and a fixed blade knife in his back pack.

Witnesses told investigators the pair were "play fighting." The knife and brass knuckles were not used.

But West Shore Media Relations Officer Cst. Nancy Saggar says the fight looked real enough for a concerned member for the public to call.

The brass knuckles were seized as they are considered a prohibited weapon.

Saggar adds officers could have charged the teen criminally for possession of a prohibited weapon, however in this case the youth was issued a by-law ticket for fighting in public.

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