Westshore Parkway open to traffic

After 10 years of planning, and 2 years of construction, the Westshore Parkway has opened to traffic.  The 3.5km long roadway connects the Trans Canada Highway at Langford to Hwy14, or Sooke Rd.

According to Langford Mayor Stew Young the new $22.5-million route was completed on time and on budget.

Young says the Parkway will help ease bottlenecks on municipal roads:

"And this will be part of a commute going back and forth between Sooke up island, up island people going to Sooke, and of course Langford.  In between Langford it 'll actually solve a lot of our traffic problems. You know, Jacklin Rd. where everybody's backed up there, take this new road.  Just stay on the highway and take this new road, you'll get home a lot faster."

 The cost of the project was shared between the city of Langford, provincial, and federal governments.

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