WHL makes promise to Nanaimo ahead of rink vote

An update to the story of a possible WHL franchise in Nanaimo.

WHL Commissioner Ron Robison put out a statement saying that -- if the City of Nanaimo agrees to build a new events centre that meets WHL standards -- the league will move right into Nanaimo in time for fall 2017 and play out of the existing Frank Crane Arena until the new one is finished.

The league also says they're willing to enter into a 20-year lease for the events centre and ice rink if it's built.

This comes ahead of this Saturday's referendum vote in Nanaimo where citizens are asked to approve the borrowing of up to $80-million dollars for the project.

Here's the exact question going to voters:

"Are you in favour of the City of Nanaimo Council adopting Loan Authorization Bylaw 2017 No. 7237 which will authorize Council to borrow a sum not exceeding $80,000,000, repayable over a period of no more than 20 years, for the development and construction of an event centre that will include an ice arena and other related entertainment, cultural and recreation facilities?"

Further details about the vote are on Nanaimo's website.


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