Wilderness Committee says it's prudent to do a proper review of Site C dam despite costs

Premier Christy Clark is giving NDP leader John Horgan until Saturday to decide if he wants to stand by his demands for delays to progress on the Site C dam, saying to allow a review of the project could cost the province 600-million-dollars.

Reacting to that Joe Foy, National Campaign Director for the Wilderness Committee, says a delay could save more than it wastes.

Foy says sending the almost $9-billion project to the BC Utilities Commission for review would take about 3 months, and should have been done long before construction was allowed to start. He says doing it now may cost money, but it will be far less than building a project we don't need:

"It's prudent to do the BCUC review. It's never had a proper review. It needs one. And I think what's going to come out of that is that we are going to run, not walk away, from the Site C dam."

Foy says because he's worked on the Site C dam issue for some time he knows the province currently has a very large excess of electrical generating capacity. 

He adds those now employed on Site C could be put to work on important infrastructure needs like bridges, hospitals, schools and highways.

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