Wildfires south of the border cause hazy skies over Victoria

Those with lung or heart issues are being asked to be particularly careful as a smoky skies bulletin is issued for Great Victoria.

Unlike the smoke we saw before, these are being caused by wildfires burning south of the border in Washington State.

"It's filled up the Lower Fraser Valley, up the Sea to Sky Highway, Sunshine Coast, even as far as the Central Coast and now it's blanketed Vancouver Island."

Earle Plain, Air Quality Meteorologist, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy tells us, people with breathing difficulties and those with heart or lung issues need to be careful, but generally, its good to just keep track of how you are feeling.

"So, if you're out exercising--jogging, walking, biking--whatever you're doing, and you notice a tightening or coughing or whatever, pay attention and just back off."

People with symptoms should go to their health care provider, walk in clinic or emergency department depending on severity of symptoms.

The smoke will be filling our skies for the next few days.

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