Winter 'Bike to Work Day'

Friday marks the 6th annual 'Winter Bike to Work' day, where the focus is on parking the car and travelling on two-wheels.

The day is an international celebration of year-round all-weather cycling.

Courtney Nielsen is with the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society, she also works at a local bike shop. Neilsen stresses the importance of being prepared:  

"We offer skill courses, for kids, or for people who haven't ridden for awhile and just want to brush up on traffic safety, bike mechanics, the must-have gears and all weather riding."

Nearly 13-thousand cyclists have signed up worldwide. Victoria is currently in 19th spot among cities signed up to participate.

In total, over 3100 cyclists have signed up across Canada.

The gathering at City Hall is from 7 until 9 Friday morning.

You can sign up here:

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