Woman caught in Fairfield deer attack

The BC Conservation Office says a deer has attacked a person in Fairfield.

Conservation Officer Peter Pauwels says the woman was jogging with her dog earlier this week when a buck charged. It stomped the dog and hit the woman with its antlers.

"She fell to the sidewalk and sustained some minor bruises and torn clothing. She's going to be okay."

Pauwels tells CTV Vancouver Island that deer attacking dogs is not uncommon, but a person getting attacked is unusual.

"Pretty much 100% of aggressive interactions between deer and people involve a dog. And it's the dog that the deer is unhappy with. If the person is there with the dog then the person is just collateral damage."

In fact, another dog was reported to be attacked by a deer this week in Oak Bay. In both cases the dogs were hurt but not killed. This comes as we have entered breeding season for deer.

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