Woman flies into a rage over missing tomato at Victoria McDonald's

VicPd say they have identified a potential suspect after a woman went into a rage at the Hillside McDonald's.

A video of the incident is being circulated on Twitter.

VicPd spokesman Bowen Osoko tells us what happened after she apparently discovered a tomato was missing from her order:

" She developed what I think could easily be called a case of restaurant rage. Threw several objects at the manager striking him, and then went to leave. She was actually, um, it looks as if another male tried to intervene somewhat, calm her down, de-escalate the situation.  And then she attacked one of the kiosks, striking it several times and knocking it off line."

While police have a potential suspect they ask others who recognize the suspect to come forward as well to identify her.  

The women is caucasian, early 20's, with shoulder length blonde hair, standing 5' 2", with a slender build. There are tattoos on her left forearm. She was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with  a Disney character on front, and light white “pajama” style pants and white shoes.


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