Woodwynn Farms says it offers one solution to opioid crisis

One solution to the opioid crisis being ignored according to one recovery organization, is sitting right in front of local government's eyes.

Woodwynn Farms in Central Saanich has been working to get the required government approvals to establish a viable farm operation and build a therapeutic community.  Richard Leblanc, Executive Director of Creating Homefulness Society says the operation has  potential capacity of 96 recovering addicts, however, Woodwynn is currently only helping 4 people who are struggling with their addictions.

He says he is running out on time and resources and says he may be forced to look at other options.  He says The Island Panel of the Agricultural Land Commission toured the farm property and operations in June, and has yet to get back to him. He says he is also running into road blocks with zoning requests  from Central Saanich.

Leblanc says the model has been proven on other parts of the world by removing addicts from street life and offering physical work, peer support and skills training.

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