World's first text sent from a PC desktop

When IT engineer, Neil Papworth gets asked what he does for a living or what he DID, no one believes him.

That's because he sent the first SMS text message 25 years ago when he was working in the UK.

It was a simple  message, "Merry Christmas", sent to the cellphone of Vodaphone director Richard Jarvis.

Papworth says he had no idea how big a deal it was at the time.

"All I knew was that it worked and for me that was a relief because that's all we were meant to be doing.  We'd been paid to develop this piece of software that would enable you to do this, and yeah, there was no high-fiving, or anything in the room, or any realization like when someone landed on the moon or something like that.  This was just, oh good, this stuff is working."

The text was not sent from a conventional cell phone, but a PC desk top, but was received by a cellphone.

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