Young tabby shot by pellet gun near Parksville loses a leg

A 2 year old tabby cat shot by a pellet gun near Parksville had a leg amputated Tuesday.

The cat, named "Onyx,"  was surrendured to the SPCA's Parksville-Qualicum Beach Branch after the owners couldn't afford the surgery at a veterinary clinic.

Onyx is reportedly doing well following the operation, but is also suffering from a broken humerus -- the long arm bone running from the shoulder to the elbow.

The young cat will be cared for in a foster home before being adopted out.  The SPCA says they will look for a home where he can be kept indoors so something like this never happens to him again.

Branch manager Nadine Durante says she is worried someone in the area may be playing with pellet guns and targeting pets.

Meantime the SPCA is now seeking donations to help pay for the feline's medical care, estimated at about $1,800.

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