The Whole Home Show with Tony Joe

Join Victoria REALTOR® Tony Joe as he and his expert guests help you navigate the roadmap to real estate in the Capital Region and beyond. From buying and selling to leveraging your equity and investment properties, Tony Joe has the information you need to make informed decisions in this red hot market.

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  • July 28 Show Notes

    Losing one's independence by losing their Drivers License.
  • July 21 Show Notes

    A conversation about buying and selling homes
  • July 14 Show Notes

    Services that enable you to age in place: mobility assisting aids, delivery of medications and meals plus reverse mortgages and other credit instruments
  • July 7 Show Notes

    Strata Properties: what you need to know about Depreciation Reports and doing your homework before you commit to buy.
  • June 30 Show Notes

    Langford Mayor Stew Young on development, affordability, community building and the BC Speculation Tax.
  • June 23  Show Notes

    Landscaping at your home: bringing the indoors out and enjoying your surroundings.
  • June 16 Show Notes

    Four (and eight!) legged furry and fuzzy family members: taking care of our pets in our homes.
  • June 9  Show Notes

    Affordability in Greater Victoria: adding to housing stock and implementation of Government measures.