CHOM’s Christmas Wish List!

CHOM 97 7 wants to give you the gift you really want this holiday season with CHOM’s Christmas Wish List!

We’ve put 29 presents under the tree and we’re giving you the chance to cross an item off the list! 

🎧 Starting December 3rd, listen at 8:10 and 4:10 to play! 

Everyone who crosses an item off is in to win the last present left under the tree! 

Prizes up for grabs:

  1. Weekend anywhere in Canada or contiguous USA

  2. Weekend in NYC with a Broadway show

  3. Get married by Elvis in Las Vegas

  4. Mardi Gras in New Orleans

  5. Skiing in Whistler

    • Enjoy a weekend away in the mountains!​
  6. A weekend in Disney World for two

  7. See Foo Fighters in New Orleans on February 15th or 16th

  8. See Metallica in Cleveland on February 1st and visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

  9. See The Rolling Stones in the city of your choice!*

    • ​​Choose among Miami, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, and more!
  10. Any regular season Habs game anywhere

  11. Charitable donation

    • ​​We make a donation of $ 1,500 to the charity of your choice
  12. A new drum set

  13. Shovelfuls of coal

  14. Thongs, lots of thongs

  15. $50 gas per week for a year

  16. Turntable sound system, and $1,000 in pick your own vinyl

  17. $1,500 in laser hair removal

  18. BBQ set & new patio furniture

  19. Snow Removal and Landscaping for a year

  20. $1,500 RESP for your kid

  21. His and Hers, or His and His, or Hers and Hers golf clubs

  22. 3L bottle of 2005 Dom Perignon

  23. Diamond ring

  24. A year of Montreal entertainment

    • ​​We'll hook you up with tickets for an entire year!
  25. STM pass for a year

  26. High end bike to get around Montreal’s traffic nightmare

  27. 3k to drop on new appliances

  28. Tattoo removal (or a new one!)

  29. 10 years of instant ramen


CHOM’s Christmas Wish List – from the Spirit of Rock – CHOM 97 7!

*Subject to what is available in the Contest Rules