Cheeses Pay Tribute To '80s Songs

Discount grocery chain Aldi is celebrating some cheesy ‘80s songs with – what else – a collection of cheeses.

The German retailer, which operates in 18 countries, is now selling limited edition Happy Farms cheeses named after tracks by Guns N’ Roses, Wham! and Cyndi Lauper.

There’s “Sweet Cheddar Of Mine,” “Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina.”

The collection also features odes to Def Leppard (“Pour Some Gouda On Me”), Michael Jackson (“Billie Goat Is My Lover”), and Bonnie Tyler (“Total Eclipse Of The Havarti”).

There are more than 1,800 Aldi stores in the U.S. but, sadly, none in Canada.

Should a '90s cheese collection be next, we humbly suggest "Brie My Lover" would satisfy La Bouche.