Geddy Lee Admits He Misses Rush

Four years after Rush called it quits, frontman Geddy Lee has admitted he misses performing in the band.

“I don’t miss leaving (my family). But I miss those three hours on stage with my buddies,” Lee said, in an interview with Postmedia. “That, especially in the last 10 years of touring, was so much fun and so gratifying.”

Lee said that he and bandmate Alex Lifeson didn’t want to believe R40 would be their last tour, even though Neil Peart insisted it was.

“I think being eternal optimists we hoped that after a break we would be back out there,” he said. “That never materialized.”

The 65-year-old Canadian musician said he gets together with Lifeson and Peart frequently – but not to work on new music. “We’re all close but I don’t think we would ever do a project, the three of us,” said Lee. “It’s certainly possible that Alex and I would do something down the road.

“I can’t see the three of us ever really doing anything.”