LISTEN: Kurt Cobain Talks About Rap In Canadian Interview

A newly-unearthed interview with Kurt Cobain is shedding some light on how the late Nirvana frontman felt about rap – and white rappers in particular.

The audio is dated Sept. 20, 1991, which is just four days before the band would release its seminal album, Nevermind. Student host Roberto Lorusso at Western University’s campus radio station in London, Ontario spoke with Cobain before a show at Toronto’s Opera House.

“I read you’re a big fan of rap but dislike white rap groups, and this is a quote: ‘The white man has ripped off the black man for long enough,'” Lorusso said to the singer.

“Oh, I don’t know. Was I drunk at that time?" Cobain replied. "I’m a fan of rap music, but most of it is so misogynist that I can’t even deal with it.

“I’m really not that much of a fan, I totally respect and love it because it’s one of the only original forms of music that’s been introduced, but the white man doing rap is just like watching a white man dance. We can’t dance, we can’t rap.”

Listen to the full nine-and-a-half-minute interview below.

Original article by Katrina Nattress at iHeartRadio