Mick Fleetwood Talks Retirement, Lindsey Buckingham Firing

Mick Fleetwood says his namesake band has no plan to retire after more than five decades.

“This is what we do,” the 71-year-old drummer told the New York Post. “That really is where we’re at. In the past, when we literally never stopped, we never even thought of smelling the roses and going on a holiday or something. It was always straight in the studio, straight on the road.”

Fleetwood said he hopes the band – which hasn’t released a studio album since 2003 – will record some new music.

He also commented on the dismissal of Lindsey Buckingham last April.

“We weren’t happy,” he said. “It just wasn’t a happy situation anymore, really for everyone.”

But, Fleetwood said, it had to be done. “It was a huge event in terms of the dynamic that affected everyone. He’s been a major part of the story.”