Noel Gallagher On Oasis Reunion: 'Why Do It Again?'


Noel Gallagher is evidently not warming up to his brother Liam – so fans shouldn’t hold their breath for an Oasis reunion.

“It boils down to, on a personal level, f**k him,” he told The Guardian. “But also, artistically, why do it again?”

Noel recalled seeing his brother talking about an Oasis reunion on television. “He’s like: ‘Me bags are packed, mate.’ And I’m thinking: ‘Who are you expecting to call you? Me?’ Nobody wants to be in a band with him.”

Noel said he last saw Liam at a soccer game three years ago. “Whenever I see him, he’s actually very polite, and you can see in his eyes that he’s just about to piss his trousers,” he said. “But then he comes up with these scenarios of when we meet, that only ever take place in his own head.”

A reconciliation, Noel insisted, won’t happen because he doesn’t forgive.

“Once you start texting my children – and his two sons have been going for her, too – and legitimise my wife being bullied on the internet, where she has to shut down Instagram accounts because of the vile s**t being written about her and my daughter, then it ain’t happening.”

Noel said he’s definitely not a fan of Liam’s music, calling it “unsophisticated” and “a load of bile ... angry nonsense.”

He even worked in a shot at Liam while joking about the awkwardness of doing interviews.

“You’re sat in a room with some guy from Stockholm who you’ve never met and he’s asking you about your mum. It’s f**king preposterous. Because the honest answer to that is: ‘What’s it got to do with you?’ But the smart answer is always: ‘I liked her until she gave birth to Liam.’”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is releasing an EP, This Is The Place, on Sept. 27. It features three new songs and a pair of remixes.