Pete Townshend Says What He Wants


Pete Townshend is at a point in his life where he’s can say whatever he wants.

The Who’s 74-year-old guitarist was recently asked by The New York Post writer Michael Lello what "1965 Pete" would say if he knew he would still be rocking in his ‘70s.

“1965 Pete was a bit of a c**t, to be honest,” Townshend replied. “I don’t really care what he would say to me.”

Asked what he remembers about The Who playing New York City’s Madison Square Garden for the first time, in 1974, Townshend responded: “Nothing, I’m afraid.”

The iconic rock star admitted he continues to go on tour because of a “desire to make money” for his side projects “or just so I can go sailing” and he brushed off a question about The Who doing a farewell tour. “It feels like we’ve been saying farewell all our lives,” said Townsend. “That is life isn’t it?”

Lello also asked Townshend if he gets tired of doing “the windmill,” his signature guitar move.

“Of course not,” Townshend replied. "It’s the one thing I can do that makes people cheer. Even playing the occasional blinding guitar solo doesn’t do that anymore.

“There are 10-year old kids on YouTube who can shred better than me. But no one can windmill like me. Is that sad? Do I look silly? Do I give a f**k?”