WATCH: The National Debuts 'Hairpin Turns' Video

The National debuted “Hairpin Turns” on Wednesday, the third single from the band’s forthcoming eighth studio album, I Am Easy to Find.

The song came with a stark black-and-white video featuring dancer Sharon Eyal.

“The video is a very simple portrait of the band (and the friends who helped make the song) and the song itself,” director Mike Mills explained, in a release. “You see all the instruments that make up the song in isolation, even hear them recorded live on set over the album version, kind of like showing you the tracks that make up the song.

“And you see everyone who contributed alone, including Gail Ann Dorsey, Pauline Delasser (a.k.a. Mina Tindle) and Kate Stables – but your mind puts them together.”

I Am Easy To Find will be released on May 17.

Watch the video below: