WATCH: Young Montrealer joins The Killers on stage in Glasgow

Antoine Demeule is a young Montrealer who took up the drums a few years ago. He is also a massive fan of The Killers – so much so that he made his way across the pond to catch the band at several of their U.K. stops this past summer.

Fans of The Killers will know that from time to time, the band will invite someone from the audience up on stage to play along to "For Reasons Unknown". Knowing this, Demeule tried his luck at the band's Glasgow show armed with nothing but a poster and some perseverance.

Sure enough, he was spotted in the audience and was invited up on stage to drum along. Watch as the crowd in Glasgow chants his name (Tony), and The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers exclaims, "you've been doing your homework, Tony":


Terry DiMonte had the chance to catch up with Demeule on the CHOM phone this past week to ask him what it was like to live his dream. Take a listen: