A Perfect Circle Has A Strict No Photo Policy

Headed to see A Perfect Circle in Laval tonight? The band has a strict no photo/video policy... and they're not messing around!

In an article published by NME, some fans who attended the band's Reading, Pennsylvania concert earlier this month learned the hard way after repeated warnings and signs posted throughout the venue:

The group, led by Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, played a show in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday night (November 4), with reports suggesting that over 6o fans were forcibly removed from the gig for taking pictures. The back of every seat in the venue included a sign warning fans that taking photos or video would “result in ejection”.

David Farrar, general manager of the Santander Arena & Performing Arts Center, confirmed on Instagram that the venue “tossed over 60 people last night for taking pics,” adding: “This was 110 percent the band’s policy… it’s not a new policy.”

Local promoter Evenko even went as far as giving patrons fair advance notice via the Laval event's Facebook page:


Posted by HEAVY MONTRÉAL on Wednesday, 8 November 2017


In conversation with special contributor to the Montreal Gazette, Mark Lepage, founding guitarist Billy Howerdel explained their strict policy:

We have a no-phone policy at our show,” Howerdel says. They mean it, too — more than 60 people were ejected from a show this month in Reading, Pa., for breaking it. “First of all, it’s just rude. Putting up a phone in front of someone’s face so they get to watch the show through it? Getting a memento of the show — sure, I’ve done it myself. But then you ask, ‘What am I gonna do with this?’

“But the other point is, people talking about the show is so much more powerful. We’re inundated with videos and images, and getting back to a campfire conversation, letting people express how they felt in the experience — it says something more.

“And it speaks to, what does the music mean to you, and how do you want to tether it to your experiences in your life?”

You can read Mark's full story and interview HERE.