WATCH: Montrealers celebrate Chanukah with 100 kg latke

Montreal's Jewish Community is in the midst of celebrating Chanukah.

Last night, Rodal's Hebrew Bookstore & Gift Shop on Cote St. Luc Road celebrated the 3rd night of the holiday with a traditional lighting of the menorah, music, dancing, and... a giant latke.

More precisely, the over-sized latke had a diameter of 2.5 meters and weighed in at 100 kg.

In an interview with CTV Montreal, David Silberstein of Rodal's admitted the idea came up unexpectedly. 

"At some point, someone on our staff just said, ‘Hey, let’s make a gigantic latke!’ I don’t know where the idea came from! That’s kind of where it started, and people are excited, and we just want to have a lot of fun,” he said.