Watch out for more new speed limit signs going up in NDG

Watch out for new speed limits in NDG.

Today, the borough begins phase two of its plan to put up new signs lowering speed limits on most streets.

The borough began to put up new signs with lower speed limits on most streets about a month ago -  to 30 km/h on residential streets and 40 km/h on major streets.

The first phase started in the Darlington, CDN and Snowdon districts - this month, they're tackling the NDG and Loyola districts.

"So far we haven't noticed any changes," said Irina Grecu, spokesperson for the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists in CDN.

Grecu said the new speed limits and signs were supposed to begin being put in place during the past month. But she added that it may be delayed due to the recent road closures.

"The extra traffic that's been redirected into CDN from NDG because of the Decarie closures, for example," said Grecu in an interview with CJAD 800.

CJAD 800 is awaiting comment from the borough which had issued an earlier notice on its website:

"Borough teams will gradually begin installing the related signage. Because the borough spans a vast territory, it will not be possible to simultaneously install all the signs on all the streets. Speed limits may differ from one neighbourhood to the next, therefore, until the work is completed."

Grecu said it's important for the signs to be visible.

"Not just the new speed but announcing to people about the new speed," said Grecu.

Grecu said enforcement is key.

"We have to be aware that just changing the speed or simply posting a reduced speed limit sign is not going to change behaviour," said Grecu.