WATCH: This 4.5 year old CHOM listener rocks the Pink Floyd

One of our listeners sent us video of his 4.5 year old son, Arad, rocking the Pink Floyd!

Here's part of this proud father's message:

This little Rock star is my younger Son and his name is Arad, he has born November of 2012, so end of next month he become 5, (he is 4 years and 10 month!, still go to daycare) the person who plays behind is me with my Strat, normally we listen to Chom 97.7 on our way to daycare in the morning [...]. Arad love for Rock does not stop there, he is also a fan of Bon Jovi, other songs of Pink Floyd (Wish you where here) Twisted Sister and Journey, Queen, Europe and list goes on and on but his favourite songs or 1- Another Break in the wall part one, Happiest days and wall part two back to back and 2- is Sultan of swings Dire Straits! Arad also has a rock star brother who is 11 and also is a rock fan, His name is Ryan and he is a drummer!



Rock on, Arad and Ryan!