• Skating in the Desert

    Sometimes sports takes you to places you never thought it would. Hockey taking you to the desert? Why not!
  • Helpful Dog Puts in the Effort

    Dogs are man's best friend. These firefighters found that out first hand! Thanks, doggo!
  • Dad Joke Duel

    It's a dad joke duel. You get a point if the other guy laughs at your corny joke. How do you think you would have done?
  • Cute Baby Howler

    This little guy is gonna be a great howler one day but he needs to put the practice in. Keep at it, puppy!
  • Going Down Snow Mountain!

    Going down a mountain on a pizza-shaped sled, that's just a thing that some people do. If it's not for you, watch somebody else do it!
  • Street Magic

    Using your skills to lighten up people's lives is always a good plan. This guy brings magic to homeless people's days.
  • The Perfect Hoodie

    Keeps you warm and you can sleep in it anywhere? If you didn't have to blow it up yourself, it'd be the perfect garment.
  • Captain Raising Morale

    It's easy to imagine that Johnny Depp has his Captain Sparrow outfit in his closet. It's unlikely, but if he does, he uses it for good!
  • He ain't heavy, he's my friend

    Real friendship is being there for your friends when they need you. This guy has friends ready to step it up one notch!
  • Where in the World is North Korea

    It's your classic skit, asking people on the street to point a country on a map. Might be classic but it never fails!
  • Hand Surfing

    Want to surf but don't have the room for a 9 foot long board? This video might have the solution for you! Surf's up!
  • Usain Bolt Calling It Quits

    Usain Bolt was injured in his last race and he's hanging up his sneakers. Here's his last press conference. Retiring with class!
  • Going through Navy Seal Training

    Navy Seal training is known to push people to their limits. Watch this guy try a lighter version of it. How do you think you would do?
  • Epic Projector Prank

    Pretty elaborate prank! I've known teachers who can't even turn on the projectors, let alone make up a scenario like this...
  • Basement Kitty Sees the Light

    This poor kitty lived her whole life in a dark basement, until someone adopted her. Now she's just enjoying her new life!
  • Hey, I'm here too!

    When someone yells "Go Roger!" during a tennis match, Federer's opponent reminds the crowd that he's also there and his name is Robin. That crowd won't forget him now!
  • 20 Flavours of RHCP

    What if the Red Hot Chili Peppers had released 20 versions of the song "Give it Away"? It doesn't have to be an alternate universe, this guy gives it a go!
  • Nostalgic Medley Reinvented

    One guy + music from the 90s + a choreography involving 4 versions of himself. The result is just perfect!
  • Secret Order of Museum Defenders

    This museum has its very own order of guardians, tasked with protecting the art works. Also, they're cats! Too bad they don't wear little cloaks...
  • Dislocated Shoulder Fixed by Opponent

    This video took a long time to trend but is definitively worth your time! See what happened when a boxer dislocated his left shoulder. That is what we call great sportsmanship!