• Why Do They Bully?

    This young man won't understand why he is being bullied and his cry for help is just heart breaking. Try not to cry while watching this powerful video.
  • The New Spider-Man Animated Movie Will Blow You Away!

    A new Spider-Man animated movie will be released in 2018 and it looks absolutely fantastic. Of course we can't tell if the story will be any good, but visually this is great work, to say the least!
  • New Swedish Idol Sings Like an Angel

    Chris Kläfford just won this year's Swedish Idol. Although he looks like a viking, doesn't he remind you of Rag'N'Bone Man?
  • That Man is Ready the Snowpocalypse

    When snow hit Atlanta this week-end, this man knew what he had to do to survive the harsh - cough, cough - weather conditions. Can't blame him for having priorities!
  • That's too many bats

    There's two possibilities here: Batman or a vampire. Either way, stay inside, folks!
  • Homemade Bismuth Soup

    It's like that gross goop that covers old soup, except this soup will kill you. Would you eat a soup that's this colour?
  • Too Fit to Fail?

    You've seen the videos of dudes showing off their fitness on everyday structures. Well, these are the outtakes!
  • Hero Braves the Flames

    We had a video of drivers going into the burning hills around LA. Well this guy got out of his car to do something amazing!
  • 100 Years since the Halifax Explosion

    Yesterday was the anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, the largest manmade non-nuclear explosion in history. This video breaks down how it happened.
  • Top Speed Perlini

    Last week, Perlini put in a beauty of a goal against Las Vegas. That puck just won't stop bouncing!
  • Overrun by Lava

    It's probable that no one has ever really seen lava engulf them and still be alive to tell the tale. You have to wonder what that camera was wrapped in...
  • How did he even get in there?

    That kid's arguing pretty calmly for someone who somehow got stuck in a drawer closet. You'd think he'd want to get out right away!
  • That Jump is Insane

    This could have been a very different video... I would have slipped trying to stand on that railing.
  • Training for Star Wars

    Ever wonder what kind of training actors go through for those fight scenes? Well, here's what the Star Wars cast had to do!
  • Air Objects

    This machine uses air to make you feel like you're touching an object. Looks kind of eerie!
  • No time for this thing

    This dude is having none of that tire boot. Not only that but watch what he does with it!
  • Infinity Wars Trailer

    The new trailer for Infinity Wars is out! Although maybe it's more like a teaser, it doesn't really tell you anything about the story...
  • Biscuits and milk, a scientific mix

    The holidays are coming and for a lot of people, that means baking! This video will give you a scientific reason for drinking milk with your cookies!
  • Spring Cleaning Under the Sea

    I'm not sure what qualifies as Spring under the ocean but this octopus is cleaning up. Get that trash out of there!
  • Demolition Fail in Detroit

    You'd think it'd be easier to destroy something than to build it. Seems they'll need to put a bit more effort into this one.