• Last Jedi Trailer

    A lot of people loved Episode 7 and Rogue One so there's a lot of buzz for the next Star Wars. Space battles, Jedi training and Mark Hammil gets lines!
  • Baby bears with Fallon and Irwin

    Robert Irwin, Steve's son, is following in his dad's footsteps and he's just as charismatic. Here is playing with actual bears with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Amazing Movie Shots

    A collection of the most amazing shots in American movie history. Breath-taking, inspiring and just beautiful scenes that stay with the movie watcher.
  • Drone Racing Family

    It was only a matter of time before racing drones became a thing. This dad is doing it with his son and they look like they're having tons of fun.
  • Sushi Party

    Ain't no party like a sushi party because sushi is always a party. Sure, these videos make everything look so simple but on the other hand, it makes me hungry for sushi.
  • Optical Makeup

    Make up + optical illusions = this. I think my favorite one is the multiple eye one, so freaky! Which one's your favorite?
  • Blue Cat Statue Sculpting

    This is one of those things where you don't see where it's going until the project is half-done. I thought he was making an alien.
  • Dog Hiker

    These two are proving once again that dogs are humanity's best friends. They were in a bad place but they got out of it through each other. So inspiring!
  • Turkey hunting gone wrong

    Who knew turkey hunting could be that dangerous? These two men learned that lesson as they got shot by someone hunting in a field behind them. Always be careful when using guns! (shooting starts after the 2:00 mark)
  • A great Bill O'Reilly moment [WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT]

    Bill O'Reilly just got fired from Fox News for sexual harassment. For some, he was a hero, for others he was the face of an evil network for more than 20 years. One thing for sure though, Mr. O'Reilly had quite a temper! [WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT]
  • The truth about the Juicero Press?

    This is a very interesting video put online by Bloomberg. It shows that a $400 Juicero Press is not required to prepare the Juicero pouches. Instead, simply squeeze the pouches and you'll get the same result.
  • X-rated soundtrack for a tennis match

    A couple having sex can be heard during a tennis match and the players' reaction is priceless. The commentator, on the other hand, just can't believe what is going on!
  • RATM and toys

    Rage Against the Machine was (still is?) a solid rock band that gave us some amazing hits such as Killing In the Name. Check what happens when this song is played with toy instruments.
  • Japanese coffee machine

    This super cool Japanese coffee machine takes you on a journey every time you order your favourite cup. Cameras inside the machine show you exactly what is going on while you wait.
  • South Park Food

    Remember Chef's famous Chocolate Salty Balls? South Park has given us a whole lot of strange stuff throughout the years, but who would have thought that some good recipes could come out of that crazy show?
  • Bubble popping raccoons

    You want to know what pure happiness looks like? Check out these two raccoons as they have a blast popping bubbles. Pure bliss.
  • Legal drinking age or not?

    These bartenders try to guess who's 21 and who's not. Could you tell just by looking at these people?
  • How Google Earth is produced

    With the release of the brand-new version of Google Earth, it is quite fascinating to learn more about the creation process of such an app.
  • Unhappy customer at Popeyes

    This man is very unsatisfied with the service he got at a restaurant and decides to take matters into in own hands. Watch as he casually walks into the kitchen to fix his order. WARNING: Explicit langage.
  • A Saskatchewan Beaver herds cattle

    "Guys, seriously, I'm just taking a little walk here, no need to follow me around!" "Come on now, leave me alone!"