Special Olympics - Invitational Youth Games 2019

From May 14-17 Canada will step on to the world stage and host the first-of-their-kind Invitational Youth Games. These Games, slated to ‘Unite the World’, will see upwards of 2,000 Canadian and global athletes, many with intellectual disabilities, during the 50th worldwide anniversary of Special Olympics.

In order to attend an athlete must meet two goals: first they need to quality, second, they need to be drafted, which will cover the cost of travel and incidentals related to their participation during the Games.

The Draft an Athlete (DAA) initiative will be a critical part of the games rooted in a rallying cry for Canadians – businesses, entrepreneurs, schools, cities, rotary clubs and the like – to Draft an Athlete or a team, in whole or in part. There are several draft options:

- $1,000 per athlete & for track and field teams

- $5,000 for bocce & basketball teams

- $10,000 for soccer & floor hockey teams


CLICK HERE to draft an athlete, join a team, or build your own team now!


Canada’s Women of Influence (WOI) has come onboard as key partner supporting the Draft an Athlete effort. WOI is made up of a community of leaders that are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace by inspiring and empowering women. WOI has committed to help promote the movement to their network of leaders across Canada. With their support, the support of like minded partners and the media, we are hopeful to draft all the athletes attending the Invitational Youth Games. The Games may run May 14-17, but the experience and the legacy they will create will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Official launch date of Draft an Athlete: Early February 2019

Benefits for those who draft an athlete: 

- Recognition on DAA website

- Name on DAA slide that will rotate throughout Games at various venues and during Opening & Closing Ceremonies

- Thank you letter from Athlete(s)

- Recognition in Games program

- 50th anniversary gift to display at your location