Stand Up For Kids

The Stand Up for Kids Project is a simple way you can join other Canadians to help address the complex issues facing kids growing up in the child welfare system. Your gift of just $20 each month will help these children and youth overcome the barriers they face through no fault of their own. Because without support, their future is bleak: they have less than a 50 percent chance of graduating high school and a high risk of poverty, becoming homeless, experiencing mental health issues, and serious illness in adulthood.


But there’s hope. We need 475 monthly donors who believe all children deserve to become thriving adults. With your monthly donation, you will help remove the barriers that limit the potential of children who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and neglect.


You’ll help Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada reach 24,500 Canadian kids this year with the opportunities they need to thrive: support for families to prevent their children from entering the system, access to the basic opportunities most kids take for granted, or help during the tough transition to adulthood. You can choose to support an area that you care most about.


If you believe that Canada’s most vulnerable kids deserve the same opportunities as other children, join us with a monthly donation to the Stand Up for Kids Project today.


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