Mississauga mayor calls city 'poster child' of savings and efficiencies

Mississauga's mayor says she hopes more jurisdictions will take on her city's approach to financing, as the city reports tens of millions of savings over the last decade. 

"We are the poster child for looking for efficiencies and savings for our residents," Bonnie Crombie said, as the city works on its latest budget. 

According to budget committee documents, roughly $55 million have been saved since 2009 in efficiencies. 

Of those savings, $15 million have been within the last four years and Crombie said it's due to implementing the LEAN method. 

It essentially means looking for efficiencies in every single department, from major budget items like emergency services, all the way down waste disposal, leaf collection and even their library item return policy.

"Size doesn't matter," Crombie said regarding Mississauga's budget being significantly smaller than Toronto and of the province. 

"I think there are opportunities for municipalities and cities of every size to really analyze the programs and the services that they are delivering," she said. 

Mississauga also reports its current debt levels are well below their self-imposed threshholds, which are 10-15 per cent lower than provincial requirements. 

"I have the told the premier and the new government that we will be their poster child and the new government that we will be their poster child on finding efficiencies and savings in reducing red tape and we have very effectively," she said.