NEWSTALK 1010 wins six regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

NEWSTALK 1010 is the winner of six regional Edward. R. Murrow Awards for 2019.

The regional Murrow awards are handed out each year by the Radio Television News Directors Association to honour outstanding achievements in radio, television and digital journalism.

The regional winners are under consideration for a National Murrow Award

Take a listen to NEWSTALK 1010's winning entries:

Feature Reporting: Burning Down the Family Tree - John Moore and team


Continuing Coverage: Danforth Shooting - NEWSTALK 1010


Excellence in Sound: Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em - Pot is Legal in Canada - James Moore


News Series: The Rise of Hate - John Moore and team



News Documentary: The Secret Lives of People With Disabilities - John Moore and team


Newscast: Yonge Street Van Attack - Kym Geddes