Trina Addressed Alleged Nicki MInaj 'Baps' Feud


Trina has broken her silence on her "BAPS" collab with Nicki Minaj, following her A&R, Reginald Saunders, putting Nicki on blast via social media. As previously reported, Saunders called Nicki a "deceiver and manipulator" after reportedly refusing to promote the record and shoot a video for it.

Following Saunders uploading his IG post at Nicki, she responded via her Queen Radio show. The rapper said, "For your team or anybody's team to feel like I owed you anything or to go out and disrespect me because I'm showing love to another female and you're not gonna check them, then that's not cool. I dropped my own song that same day and still asked you, ‘Hey, come up to Queen Radio and promote your album.' These are things that I don't have to do. I'm not entitled to do anything for anyone. No one does anything for me. Y'all don't go out of your way to stop the hate and jump in front of the hate train for me and do all of that sh*t."

Trina took to Instagram Live to weigh in on the situation, debunking rumors of a beef between her and Nicki. She said, "This isn't about Nicki Minaj and a video. I had a 45-minute conversation on the phone with Nicki Minaj about business, about my record, about this song, about everything. It's not about a video. It's bigger than a video. The video is just a portion of what's happening. That wasn't a discussion that we had. The discussion was more so about the business. I respect that. She did her part. It's up to me and my team to do our part. That's how I feel about it. This is my project. I worked six years for this. I don't expect nobody—not Nick, not nobody else on the album, not my team, not nobody to do what I need to be done for my project."

The Diamond Princess also took accountability for her team's actions, saying, "My team speaking out, my team got so much to say, I'ma take the blame for my team ‘cause guess what, me and my team, we dropped the ball. Bad business is what's causing all of this havoc to happen. All of this nonsense, all of this drama, this personal, everybody got an opinion, that's what it is, it's bad business. It has nothing to do with any artist that's featured on my album."

Trina later revealed that the features on her album, The One, — including Nicki's, were based on personal relationships. She explained, "However you feel, I'm not gonna sit here and allow or accept you to be disrespectful to nobody that contributed to my album. I put out a great body of work. I put out an amazing album. I worked extremely hard. There's no major, there's no nothing. There was just Trina, the grind, my relationship, and my name, my brand. Every feature on my album are people that believed in me, that did favors for me. I didn't pay for these features. They were favors. Do you know what a favor is? That means I f**k with you, that's why I did this favor."

She went on to defend Nicki and scolded her A&R for speaking out of turn. Trina said, "I'm not here for the blame game. I don't do the messy publicity stunts, the public—all that sh*t, I don't do that. I'm not an Internet thug or Twitter fingers. I don't do all that. I'm not gonna play the blame game. I'ma take full responsibility from everything that came from my side. This is my project, my album. I'ma stand on 10 toes and deal with that. It's a lot of stuff that's going on. Everybody's frustrated. Everybody has an opinion and you're entitled to that, but you're not gonna disrespect nobody, another female artist. You're not gonna disrespect Nicki Minaj or nobody else that's on my album because these people did this off my face and my favor."