Husband, wife jailed for assaulting another couple

An Upper Kingsclear couple who assaulted another couple outside their home in September 2017 has been sentenced to jail time.

The Daily Gleaner reports 34-year-old Ashley Ann Currie and 28-year-old Dylan Paul Reeves were convicted of assaulting Jennifer Turley and Robert Turley.

According to the paper, Currie and Reeves had argued self-defence at the trial, but it was rejected by Judge Julian Dickson.

When giving his decision on sentencing, Dickson noted the Turleys were walking their dog past the defendants' home when their two dogs charged them, snarling and bearing their teeth, when Robert Turley "quite appropriately" struck one of the aggressive dogs with his umbrella.

Dickson said this prompted Currie to charge at Turley, grab him by the shirt and raise her fist.

After Turley shoved her away, Reeves shoved Turley into a ditch and began punching him while Currie assaulted Jennifer Turley by punching her in the face and head.

The paper says court heard Robert Turley's fall into the ditch caused irreparable damage to his foot, and he now requires an orthotic device to walk.

The Daily Gleaner reports Reeves was sentenced to six months in jail, while Currie was handed a sentence of 20 days, with a year probation to follow for both, as well as being required to participate in an anger management course, and to report to the mental health clinic to undergo evaluation and any recommended treatment.

(With files from The Daily Gleaner)