Madonna Reveals New Album Will Be Titled 'Madame X'

Madonna has announced that her forthcoming album – her first since 2015’s Rebel Heart – will be called Madame X.

The 60-year-old pop star started teasing the title on April 1 when she used nine Instagram posts to display a red letter “X.”

On Sunday, Madonna shared a video in which she revealed: “I decided to call my record Madame X.”

She added: “Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. Madame X is a dancer. A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian. A prisoner. A student. A mother. A child. A teacher. A nun. A singer. A saint. A whore. And a spy in the house of love. I’m Madame X.”

No other details about Madonna’s 14th studio album were shared.

Madonna is scheduled to perform May 18 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel – a controversial gig made possible by a Canadian billionnaire.