CJ 104 Crime of the Week

Domestic violence is defined as any actual or threatened use of physical or sexual force in a relationship, including emotional or psychological abuse, or harassing behaviour.  Domestic violence is a chronic problem in our society that crosses all cultural, economic and social boundaries.  It robs people of their dignity and quality of life.  In many cases it results in severe physical or psychological harm of varying degrees and in some cases even violent death to the victim.  Our elderly citizens including parents are vulnerable victims.  Stealing from a person's life saving is a form of violence.  If you know someone in a violent relationship and they are simply trying to survive, you may be the only hope they have.  They may not want you to contact authorities, but this could be the best thing you could ever do for them.  Police and social agencies encourage people to keep an eye on their neighbours.  If you feel someone is being mistreated or is a victim, contact police immediately.

Law enforcement reports a number of scams where citizens have been victims of criminal acts where property was purchased illegally or misrepresented on its true value.  Drugs cost money and when money is in short supply, criminals often steal too fulfil a costly drug habit.  Many of the break, enter and theft acts are linked to the drug trade where items can be sold.  The public must always be on guard to protect their personal belongings and property from these criminal acts.  Local enforcement agencies request your assistance in identifying those persons who are accepting stolen property in exchange for drugs.  Unlocked storage sheds and unattended cottages are targets to get tools, generators, snowmobiles, ATV's, bicycles, lawnmowers, TV's, computers, jewellery and other easy to sell items that can be easily exchanged for drugs.  Report these persons to Crime Stoppers.  Remember, you are completely anonymous and will never have to appear in court.

The Crime Stoppers New Brunswick Crime of the Week is brought to you by Canadian Tire in Woodstock.