CJ104 Crime of the Week


On Sat. Jan. 27, 2018 around 1:40 PM, Woodstock Police responded to a hit and run collision in the parking lot of Canadian Tire, 388 Connell Road, Woodstock, N.B.  A parked black, 2016 Toyota Corolla sustained damage to the rear drivers side bumper.  The vehicle was unattended for only 5-10 minutes.  No witnesses came forward and no note was left at the scene.  If you have any information that will assist in solving this hit and run, contact Crime Stoppers.


On Mon. Jan. 26, 2018, Woodstock Police Force responded to a mischief complaint at the Greenhouse Window Flower Shop, Upper Main Street where damage was done to a silver-gray Nissan car that was parked overnight.  The rear and right rear side windows were smashed out.  If you have any knowledge about this criminal act, contact Crime Stoppers.


It is that time of year when home owners leave the area to take a vacation.  It is also that time of year when criminals start to work by breaking into vacant homes, knowing the owners are not in the area.  Be certain your home, storage sheds and garage is secure.  Generators, small tools and easy to carry items are attractive for criminals.  Never use social media to inform thousands of people you will not be at home.  Criminals monitor these sites and when you share your holiday pictures from far away places, your property is now a location for a crime of opportunity. Share these pictures with your friends when you get home.  Have a friend or neighbour regularly check your home, have lights on a timer, keep the snow cleared from your driveway and have someone pick up your mail and newspaper.  Motion lights and outside camera’s can deter criminals.  Try to make your home look occupied.  Be safe. 

The Crime Stoppers New Brunswick Crime of the Week is brought to you by Canadian Tire in Woodstock.