CJ104 Crime of the Week


During the past few months the region has experienced an increase in many acts of mischief such as home invasion, theft of copper, theft of tools and damage to vehicle windows and tires.  Many of these criminal acts occur during the night.  If you have any information about these acts of mischief or any other criminal act that has occurred or about to happen, please call Crime Stoppers.


NB Crime Stoppers and the New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) are seeking assistance from the public in identifying person(s) who are abusing animals. Animal protection officers of the SPCA are appointed peace officers to enforce the SPCA Act in our Province. This Act establishes the minimum standards of care for animals in New Brunswick.  Last year, animal protection officers investigated approximately 1,500 reports of cruelty and neglect involving more than 4,000 animals. These cases dealt with violence against animals, operation of puppy mills and the failure to provide basic food, water and shelter. People who commit these acts can be charged under the SPCA Act or the Criminal Code of Canada and can be banned from owning animals for life.

If you have any information concerning these criminal acts, please contact Crime Stoppers.  You are completely anonymous so you will never be asked to make a statement or appear in court. Your information could provide to you a cash award.

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