CJ104 Crime of the Week


Local law enforcement are reporting an increased number of break and enters occurring within the region. Vandals are continually looking for crimes of opportunity. Storage sheds, garages, camps, cottages, homes and vehicles are not immune to criminals wanting to steal your valuables.  If a criminal steals your personal information, the consequences can have a long lasting impact on you.  Credit cards, birth certificates, driver's license, passport, and bills are examples of items that can be used for other criminal acts.  Identity theft is not uncommon in the region. The public is once again reminded to lock your vehicles particularly at night and secure storage sheds and garages at all times. If you are shopping, keep purchases out of site when you park to do another errand.  Keep in a safe place a copy of the registration and a picture of snowmobiles, ATV's, boats and trailers in the event these suddenly disappear.  If you see a person committing a crime and it is safe for you, contact local enforcement or Crime Stoppers. The information you provide might be the missing piece of the puzzle to solving other criminal acts within your community. We are all responsible for making our communities safe and watching out for each other. If you know your neighbour is away on vacation, be extra vigilant in watching their property and report suspicious activity.  It is not a good idea to send using a social media platform a picture of you and your family outside your community or in some far away place as criminals will know your property is unprotected and a potential target for theft.  

If you have any information concerning these criminal acts, please contact Crime Stoppers.  You are completely anonymous so you will never be asked to make a statement or appear in court. Your information could provide to you a cash award.

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