CJ104 Crime of the Week


NB Crime Stoppers and the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources are asking the public for your  help in resolving an on-going problem on Crown Lands and private property. With warmer weather occurring, it is the time of year when home owners start the spring clean-up of their property. To avoid disposal fees, some owners look for suitable sites to dump their garbage, hoping not to get caught in this criminal act.  Disposing of debris, garbage, construction material, appliances, worn-out furniture and vehicles on Crown Land is an offense under the Crown Lands and Forests Act. Any person convicted of this offense could be fined a minimum of $500 for the first offense, and may be ordered to restore the land to its original state.  Numerous private land owners have also experienced an increase in this illegal activity.  In some situations, disposing of debris can be harmful to wildlife and a risk for forest fires. If near watercourses, it can become an environmental problem. Help keep New Brunswick clean, and report those who litter.

REMINDER: Keep your storage sheds, homes, vehicles and garages secure at all times to prevent thieves stealing your valuables.

The Crime Stoppers New Brunswick Crime of the Week is brought to you by Keenan Construction, The Concrete and Excavation Experts, in Woodstock.