CJ104 Crime of the Week


Crime Stoppers and the Department of Public Safety are asking for public support to report suspicious activities involving the use, sale, transportation, and distribution of tobacco not purchased from a licensed retailer. The production and sale of illegal tobacco is not regulated which means for example, the ingredients in its production are not known.  Unfortunately, children have easy access to these tobacco products.  Provincial revenue from the sale of illegal tobacco is not available to support community volunteer organizations and other social programs.


There has been a sharp increase in the number of thefts from vehicles, storage sheds and garages in the region.  In many instances, theft from vehicles occurred because they were not locked.  The public is once again reminded to be certain valuable items are secured at all times and out of sight .  Thieves are generally looking for easy targets.  Small tools and carry items are attractive for criminals.  Local RCMP are asking the public for information that will assist them in solving suspicious fires that have been occurring in the Florenceville-Bristol area.  If you have any information on any criminal act, contact Crime Stoppers.

Remember:  With young children learning to ride their bicycles, drivers must be extra cautious.