CJ104 Crime of the Week


Local law enforcement are continuing their investigation into the death of 42 year old Tony Vaillancourt, Morell Siding, NB.  On May 6, 2017 Mr. Vaillancourt was reported missing and on August 2, 2017 his body was recovered from the St. John River close to Tobique Narrows, NB.  He had not been in contact with his family since April 9, 2017.  Investigation has determined his death to be suspicious.  If you have any information that will assist law enforcement, contact Crime Stoppers.  Your information may be the piece of the puzzle required to solve this criminal act.


Summer is the opportunity for construction workers to repair damaged roads. With increased traffic during this period, the RCMP will have an increased presence on roadways. While the police will be looking at all infractions, a special focus will be placed on people speeding through construction zones. People should be reminded, when reduced speed limits are posted, they are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fines for speeding through a construction zone are doubled. The minimum fine is $340.50.

REMINDER:  There has been an increase in the number of thefts from vehicles in the region. Thieves will rummage through any type of vehicle they find locked or unlocked seeking valuable items or money.  If keys are left in the vehicle this provides an additional target of opportunity.  Crime Stoppers wants to remind everyone that it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your property and belongings.  Please take the time to lock up your valuables around your homes and remove anything of value from your vehicle at night. Iif you have any information about persons who are engaged in this behaviour, contact Crime Stoppers. 

The Crime Stoppers New Brunswick Crime of the Week is brought to you by Keenan Construction, The Concrete and Excavation Experts, in Woodstock.