CJ104 Crime of the Week


Sometime during the night of Tues. Aug. 28, 2018, approximately $25,000 worth of copper wire was stolen from the Cook’s Gravel Pit off the Simcox Road. The wire was of various length and thickness.  Damage to equipment also occurred.  As a result of this criminal act, the plant will be shut down for three weeks for repair of damage.   If you have any information on this theft and damage, click the blue ‘Contact Us’ icon on this Facebook site which will link you directly to the NB Crime Stopper secure anonymous tip-line reporting system.

Remember:  It is a criminal act to tamper with Election signs within the region.  This criminal act is a serious crime according to the law.  If you have any knowledge of a person(s) tampering or stealing election signs and you would like a cash award for your information, contact Crime Stoppers