CJ104 Crime of the Week


RCMP and other law enforcement agencies work to ensure the health and safety of all New Brunswick by investigating and preventing the smuggling of illegal goods into and out of our Province.  It is not uncommon to read about police seizures of contraband tobacco or alcohol during road checks.  Organized crime groups make a huge profit from these illegal activities.  If you are aware of locations these types of products are being stored and distributed or the names of individuals involved in this criminal act, contact Crime Stoppers.


If you plan to travel and leave your home unoccupied for a few days, law enforcement would like to inform the public they see an increase in mischief and theft from homes this time of year.  Vacant homes are easy targets for crimes of opportunity.  Never use social media to inform thousands of people you will not be at home and just as important, never post selfie pictures of you at some other location.  Share these pictures with your friends when you get home.  Have a friend or neighbour regularly check your home, have lights on a timer, have someone pick up your mail and newspaper and if a long absence from your home arrange for your lawn to be mowed or your driveway cleared of snow.  Try to make your home look occupied.  Be certain storage sheds and garages with other valuable items are as secure as your home. Be safe.

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