CJ104 Crime of the Week


Everybody knows it is illegal to drink and drive, yet some still do not get the message and put their lives and those of their loved ones and others in serious harm’s way. Don't ruin your life and possibly that of someone else by gambling you are OK to drive and won't get caught.  Impaired driving, either by alcohol or drugs, contributes to 40% of all collisions resulting in serious injury and fatal motor vehicle accidents.  If you have to ask yourself the question, "I wonder if I'm OK to drive?" the answer is probably no. Anyone caught driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher could face possible jail time, a fine of $1000 or more and be prohibited from driving anywhere in Canada for a minimum of one year. Drivers with a level of between 0.05 and 0.08 could lose their licence for seven days. The police encourages anyone who suspects an impaired driver to contact them immediately.

REMEMBER:  During the holiday season take a few extra precautions to ensure you, your family and your friends are safe. Keep your home, storage sheds and garage doors locked and if travelling, have a neighbour turn on your lights and clean snow from the driveway to make your home look occupied.  If away on a Christmas holiday, do not share the pictures on social media of you on a beach in some far away place. This is a great way to alert criminals your home is not occupied.  Share those pictures with your friends when you get home.  Be certain your pets are kept warm and sheltered. 

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